Dieser Blog widmet sich allen Themen für die ich mich so interessiere. Größtenteils Politik, Informatik, und den Naturwissenschaften. Ich habe vor, ihn zweisprachig zu betreiben und immer mal wieder Übersetzungen von Artikeln zu posten, die ich lesenswert finde.

I’m a computer scientist from Germany who works as an ordinary programmer. This blog is dedicated to any topic I’m interested in, manly politics, computer science and natural sciences.  I intend to run it bilingually and to post every now and then translations of articles which I think may be worth reading.

Articles about Russia and eastern Europe

It might strike you as a strange thing for a computer scientist to write about foreign affairs. As a volunteer translator for Wikipedia and other open source projects, I’ve already translated some English texts into German, mainly to practice English reading as well as German writing, to provide my humble contribution to the free availability of information and to learn something about the subject matter in the process.

When the Ukrainian people endured police oppression including the use of water guns at sub-zero temperatures on the Maidan back in November 2013 while my wife and I were sitting comfortably on our sofa, I felt a mix of admiration and shame. When the Ukrainian revolution was in full swing in February 2014 and Vladimir Putin exploited the situation of a Ukraine which, in the course of its quest for democracy and the rule of law, was at its most fragile, I felt a mix of outrage and deep sympathy.

Even more outraging to me was the stream of blatant lies and fakes coming out of the Kremlin since. First during the Russian incursion into Crimea, and later into the Donbas as well as after the downing of MH17 and during the Minsk II summit in February 2015 when Russia stalled and subsequently breached a cease-fire agreement and its troops hastily captured Debaltseve.

All along, to the German public it hasn’t been so clear that Russia is lying. Very often, the Kremlin narrative of the events was considered just as seriously. The Russian version was put forth at so many occasions and by so many honourable people that I began to have my doubts, too: Is Russia being targeted by the West, after all? Maybe, the Ukrainian revolution wouldn’t have started without Western meddling?

If it weren’t for great English language articles I’d probably still have such doubts. It also showed to me how helpful a non-German, third perspective can be. On the other hand, because of the language barrier, not everyone can benefit from such a perspective.

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